Riga Motor Museum

Riga Motor Museum is undoubtedly one of the most interesting museums in Latvia. This high-class museum, located a few kilometers from the city center, displays Western as well as Soviet cars, vehicles and motor-cycles.

Exposition of the museum

The exposition of the museum is dedicated to the historical development of cars, motorbikes and bicycles. Auto Union cars, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, BMW and many other cars are displayed in the museum, and also some vehicles used in wars are shown (for example GAZ from 1942 and original Willy’s Jeep).

Hansa G 12/36 Renntorpedo from the year 1914

The museum exhibits some cars, whose names are unfamiliar to our generations. For example, Hansa G 12/36 Renntorpedo from the year 1914 is a real beauty, as is Austrian Steyer 220 from the year 1938. The latter competed with BMW at that time. Also several classical Mercedes Benz ( for example170 V Cabriolet A from 1938) are displayed in Riga Motor Museum

Interesting samples of the exhibition are the collection of Kremlin cars. The Soviet leaders used local limousines like ZIL and ZIS, but they were also very fond of Western luxury cars like Rolls Royce. Armored, bullet-proof Soviet ZIS could weight up to 7300 kilos. The museum has a ZIL 111 G used by Hrusthsev and ZIS 115 S used by dictator Stalin.

Less known fact is that also Latvia produced cars. The history of the automobile industry in Latvia started already in the late 19th century. The visitors of motor museum often notice the Russo-Balt fire engine, constructed in 1912 in Riga.

Mercedes Benz 170 V Cabriolet A from 1938

Latvian car REAF 50

After the WW II, Soviet Latvia produced Minibuses and REAF 50, a small experimental car. Ford Vairogs De Luxe was assembled in Latvia before WW II. Museum also acquaints with motor sports. Sight worthy is the mountain racing car “Auto Union” from 1938, which already then reached the speed of 320 km/h.
In addition to cars, the museum displays several motor-cycles and high-class photos related to this subject. For example, photos taken by Finnish photographer Nina Tuittu were exhibited at the museum in October and December 2001.

More than 10 years of existence

Latvian Antique car club (Anno 1972) initiated the idea of the museum in the 1980s. The museum opened its doors for the visitors in 1989. Riga Motor museum is set up in specially designed building by V. Valgums. Since 1992 it has been state museum and is under the supervision of Transportation and Communication Ministry of Latvia.

Riga Motor Museum aims at preserving its position as the biggest motor museum in the Baltic Sea rim. Restoration workshop of Riga Motor Museum is internationally approved and recognized, and most of the cars represented in the museum have been renovated there. The museum is the member of International Transport and Communication Association (ICOM-ATM) and the member of Latvian Museum Association.

Museum is open:

  • Monday: 10-15
  • Tuesday-Sunday: 10-18


  • S. Eizensteina 6, LV-1079 Riga, Latvia

You can get there:

  • Bus Nr 15, 21, 105
  • Trolleybus Nr 14, 18

Means of communication:

  • Phone: + 371 7097170,
  • Fax: +371 7515694, e-mail: [email protected]
  • www.ltg.lv/motormusejs, www.muzeji.lv

Services of the museum

  • Excursions in Latvian, Russian and English (to notify beforehand, phone: +371 7097170)
  • Rent of the premises. Your presentations, celebrations, jubilees- in the wonderful environment of Antique cars (phone +371 7097170)
  • Rent of the Retro cars for the special occasions in your life (phone +371 7097170)
  • Renovation of your car in the restoration workshop of the museum (phone +371 7097170)
  • Auto models for your collection- measure 1:43, 1:21, and 1:87
  • You can purchase books.
  • Lunch and refreshments- in a cafĂ©